Fizzy Tea
Nothing beats a cuppa Fizzy Tea games.


Join our Discord channel to provide us with feedback and ideas to improve our games!

We provide indie games on mobile and PC.

No Internet connection is required to play the games. Thus, the games are perfect to be played while in public transport.

There are no compulsory fullscreen advertisement (i.e. no annoying video advertisement) - fullscreen ads are always optional, for example, they are only used in exchange for voluntary rewards such as revival, daily rewards and in-game currency.


Our iOS games on the App Store and Desktop games on


If you require help, have feedback/ideas or enquiries about our games, please don't hesitate to contact us via [email protected].

Feel free to join our Discord and interact with our staff.

We're Hiring

We're looking for freelance pixel artists to collaborate with us and/or work remotely. Have art and an idea? If you are interested, please email your portfolio to [email protected].


If you enjoyed our games, please consider donating to us.
Donations help fund the development of current and future games.


We're very new at the moment, but hope in a couple of years when we generate more revenue, to begin donating some of our profits to charity.

Please inbox Alan on Discord if you have charity suggestions.